In permanente expansion search for a greater diversification of services and business areas, TOCSA ventures into the mining sector, contributing to the progress and development of the communities in which operates.

TOCSA has the longest history of crushing and exporting crushed stone. Placed in several areas of the country, TOCSA produces materials for its own consumption and commercialization.

From the quarries located in the city of Villa Hayes and Pirayu, it produces up to 90,000 tons per month of raw and crushed stone of excellent quality, which is sold to the interior and exterior of the country.

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Mobile crushing: we have mobile plants to carry out specific crushing work, anywhere in the country



For the international market, we have made an Alliance with the Company ITA JHU IMPORT -EXPORT SA, through which we serve Foreign Clients


Where to find us

Cantera Villa Hayes
Address: 29 de Setiembre Street Bo. Cerro Verde – Villa Hayes.
Tel: +595 (226) 263 000.

Cantera Pirayú.
Address: Pirayu Rout – Caacupe. Costa Jhu – Paraguari.
Tel: +595 (226) 263 000.