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The biggest asset of TOCSA is its Human Capital, which includes 600 professionals and professionals, developing excellence and innovation services, ensuring the construction processes with high technical and efficiency, in a constant search for the satisfaction of our Customers.

We invest in the professional growth of our collaborators, as to produce better results and achieve greater competitiveness. We also promote the job opportunities in the different regions where we operate, mainly in the area of Works execution.

We have scheduled Internships, in agreement with Universities and Institutes of Technical Education, which allows the organic growth of our collaborators..

TOCSA invests in career planning, including the succession and transition planning. 

Corporate Governance

The Board of Directors leads TOCSA’s government practices to ensure sustainability and sustainability, which allows sustainable, profitable and efficient growth.  TOCSA’s governance practices are firmly aligned with our commitment to maintain core values of the Organization and our Code of Conduct in all aspects of our business.