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  • Diversity
  • Confidentility
  • Information security policy
  • Preserve the Company image
  • Assets preservation
  • Waste of material
TOCSA respects diversity and prohibits all forms of prejudice, whether due to discrimination of race, nationality, social position, age, religion, sexual orientation, appearance, physical, mental or psychological condition, marital status, political conviction or any other factor of differentiation individual. All collaborators must be respected in the work environment, in terms of privacy and space, and there is no place for any type of siege.
TOCSA considers CONFIDENTIAL all the information that has not been officially published by the Company. TOCSA makes available to all its collaborators information necessary for the exercise of their activities, expecting they will be kept confidential, under penalty of reasonable judicial measures, under the hypothesis of violation.
The information security policy establishes rules of conduct, rights and duties, aiming to provide an efficient and secure structure, based on the development of ethical and professional behavior in the use of Information Technology services and resources. (IT ). The Information Security policy seeks TOCSA information preservation regarding: Integrity: to guarantee that the information does not suffer undue alterations Confidentiality: access to information only by authorized persons Availability: information available whenever necessary The access of information and computerized systems must be limited to the responsibilities of each collaborator, being prohibited to share the User and Password given by the Organization to access the information systems.
It’s the TOCSA collaborators commitment to watch over the credibility that the Company has conquered throughout its trajectory, being prohibited any action, exhibition or comment that could damage the image of the Company. It’s prohibited to use the name, images or information of the company in particular social media.
Employees must take care of the physical and intellectual assets of the Company, such as: movable and immovable property, brand, technology, business strategies, marketing, information, research and data. It’s essential to use the assets of the Company with responsibility and attention, requesting the necessary maintenance to ensure its continuous functionitality
The abusive use of the material of the Company implies a cost increase, so the collaborator must use without waste printed materials and other equipment, to which he/she has access